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Electric bicycles are zero-emission vehicles. This means that they emit nearly nothing into the environment – no exhaust, no noise, no other pollution. Powered by modern  Lithium Ion Batteries (similar to what used inside your Mobile Phone and Laptops) E -Bikes are considered the future of Urban Commuting.

United Cycle Company part of the 55 year old United Group set up a complete new factory for E – Bikes (Electric Powered Bicycles) at Falta Special Economic Zone (SEZ), West Bengal, India.

Using world class components our E Bikes are made conforming to European Quality Standard EN15194: 2020. We are also producing custom specification Bikes for OEM supply to E Bike Brands across the Globe

We have different categories of E Bikes like City / Trekking, Urban Step Through as well as MTBs. We have Mid (Centre) Motor and Hub Motor – both varieties of E -Bikes . Hub Motor Bikes are more affordable in price while Mid motors give outstanding stability and handling.


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