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Our  customised jute bags are considered as "walking billboards" by   many Organisations-Companies, Wine producers, Supermarkets and Stores, besides being  excellent Promotional & Gift items. Each bag  can be custom  designed by you in any size or shape  with pockets, zippers, Velcros closures and multiple colors in solids and patterns, besides an attractive range of handles to choose from. These will be delivered with imprints as per your need. We can print upto multiple colors per side, on specified standard PMS inks, on designs supplied by you. We do have our own in-house design department which can develop a range according to specifications. The insides of bags are Laminated to strengthen the bag and also to make it water resistant.
Jute Shopping Bag with Jute Handle
Size: 40x36x10cm or 40x48x30cm
Packing: 80/60 pcs in each carton
Jute Carry Bag with D Shaped Wood Handle
Size: 36x30x10cm
Packing: 100 pcs in each carton
Jute Beach Bag with Webbing Handle, Top Zipper
Size: 36x36cm
Packing: 100 pcs in each carton
Jute Shopping Bag with Straight Wood Handle
Size: 46x40x15cm
Packing: 70 pcs in each carton
Jute Promotional Bag with Square Wood Handle
Size: 30x30x13cm or 30x40x13cm
Packing: 100/80 pcs in each carton
Jute Oval Shaped Bag with Round Wood Handle
Size: 40x38x13cm
Packing: 75 pcs in each carton
Jute Promotional Bag with Cotton String Handle
Size: 33x25x10cm
Packing: 100 pcs in each carton
Jute Ladies Multicolour Shopper / Beach Bag with PVC Rope Handle
Size: 34x38x17cm
Packing: 60 pcs in each carton
Jute Christmas Bad with D Shaped Wood Handle
Size: 40x36x13cm
Packing: 60 pcs in each carton
Jute Tote Bag with Cotton Webbing Handle
Size: 35x45x15cm
Packing: 60 pcs in each carton
Jute Shopper with Webbing covered Rope handle and outside pocket or flowers.
Jute X-mas pouch bags with strings handle.
Size: 36x18x10cm.

Available Colours

We have a Dynamic & Ever Increasing Range, suiting the changing Market Demands. Eco-Friendly, Multipurpose and Fashionable SHOPPING JUTE BAGS which include - * BEACH BAGS, * BOTTLE BAGS, * CARRY BAGS, * CHRISTMAS BAGS, * FASHION BAGS, * GIFT BAGS, * PROMOTIONAL BAGS, * TOTE BAGS etc.

Our Jute or cotton Carry/Shopping/ Hand bags are made to make you feel good - because you don't just carry a bag but it is a part of your apparel - ones bags are worn. We just do not sell a bag to you, we ensure that our product enhances your image. These are also excellent Promotional items.

We have a wide range of products categorised by the color of the jute fibre, the weave, the design, the handles used, the price range. Innumerable permutations and combinations to suit even the most exacting buyers. Yet if you do not find here the bag that you want, contact us and our designers will shape it out on the fabric of your choice from our range of Jute or Cotton Canvas or JuCo(jute & cotton blend).

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